Flood Kontrol(s) were the first transitions for Skateboaring. Ditches, Drains and Debauchery. The importance of flowing.

Started in 2004 by skaters for skaters. Core, DIY and the grass roots of Skateboarding. 100% Made in the U.S.A.

For Direct Sales and Photo Submissions email: info@floodkontrol.com

Randy (owner) flying high.

Lonny Hiramoto Vans Pool Party 2015

ok, people do pay attention!, now for the truth, 11 years ago, Flood Kontrol was but a dream, a figment of imagination, now 10 years later, they encompass the young, the old, the female, and the dusty helm  , don’t forget about aiden et al, meaning “et alia” and others, latin my friend, …, we know we rule  -Micke Alba

Arianna Wins the 2014 World Pro Champion 2014

Beverly Flood wins the Girls Classic Cup Classic at Vans Combi Bowl 2014

Skatemaster Tate on Air promoting his new Flood Kontrol Longboard

First five production decks – phase I (2004-2009).


Trifecta Booth – Oregon and Washington 2006.


Garrett at the Volcom Damn Am 2010.


Concrete Wave Ad. (2005)

Frank at Etnies GvR.


Outlaw Flyer 2006 – Albuquerque NM.


Flood Kontrol featured in the Marvel Incredible Hulk #621.


Flood Kontrol featured in the Marvel Incredible Hulk #621.


Donated FK Kujo deck to Egypt.


Concrete Wave Summer 2007 Noteworthy


Rando featured in Skatezine.

FLOOD KONTROL at the Long Beach ComicCon 2012

Marvel Comic artist Danny Miki with an original Flood Kontrol deck at Comic Con

Volcom Stone skates Flood Kontrol

Skateboard Mag #106 Product Geek 2012

Concrete Wave Magazine 2012

Rockin’ the Huntington Beach US Open

Beverly and her Flood Kontrol Deck on TV

Flood Kontrol featured on Hellaclips

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